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Opera is a sophisticated after-work, weekend and late night ultralounge.  Start with appetizers, enjoy sophisticated ambience, sip the world's best cocktails & beverages, then dance the night away.  Experience superior service from our staff of waitresses, bartenders, hosts, hostesses and security.


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Opera Ultralounge 2012-07-02 06:50:43 tomgerk
Reviewed by tomgerk    July 02, 2012
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Kicked for no reason from UltraLounge

After being inside and walking around for a while I realized I was unable to find my friend and walked to the entrance-ways to exit the building. I found that the front building was impossible to exit and when I went to the side to try and exit I found that entrance-way blocked off too. At that point I was uncertain and was about to approach a security guard to ask if I could get out that way, but then I just decided to force my way through as carefully as I could while asserting myself to get out. The security guard pointed at my wrist band and I showed him and told him I was just leaving without thinking about it. He promptly broke my wrist band and told me I couldnt get back in. I hadnt even left at this point and wasnt passed the gate. He went to do the same thing to another couple and I went to him and said why did you take off my wrist band. He said I told him I was leaving and that I should leave. I told him what should have been apparent, that he didnt give me a chance to say I was coming back before he ripped off my tag. He continued to argue and demand that I go and pay another ten dollars, insulting me saying I should go back to the end of the line if I wanted to go in. Of course none of this was reasonable and I said what are you doing as another security guard started pushing me outside the fence while the other ignoramus began walking into the other guard to force me out. He said why are you busting my balls. I was incredulous and just reexplained the situation for everyone to hear. I found my friend who was outside watching the whole thing. If anything, if none of this had happened I probably would have been able to see him standing a few feet away from the incident had I stayed in the gates. I told my friend what happened and left and to you this may be just a story, but I was there; I tried sneaking in again and the guard at the outer gate humorously pointed and waved his walkie-talkie saying no to me. But this was no laughing matter. I sighed and sulked and I let him know what happened and left right away. Not to gain favor but to retell the events and to basically explain why I was sneaking in, something I would think about but not do on my own.
Clearly Im mad and have a lot to say, but from my own experience there this is what I think. When I see nothing but security guards there and a bunch of kids its a little telling of the way things are operated there. Ive heard about people who promote and hang out there, inviting their friends and getting people drinks and vip or free cover. I dont go to the bar much so to me this isnt really anything substantial. When I see a security guard kicking me out and another starts pushing me, while I think who can I talk to about this that has a brain in their skull, I realize that there is no mans honor in a place like this. I think you guys see this place as a bunch of kids just like I saw it, a bunch of people with disposable income who you guys can lure in. I couldnt even talk to the security guard as a man without his buddy pushing me out and not even listening to all the things Im saying that are true. I think that security guard who kicked me is ball-less and I think that the place is run by the man, and not by the cool promoters... Ive heard about the person who owns such clubs there on Main St., and without assuming too much, the things I have heard are true and that being said there is no real hip scene there. Its a superficial place run by the man and an owner whos out of touch and partially sponsored by kids who think drinking and being in a bar is a cool job.

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